Fur & Feather Fund

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What we are asking for and why

The fund provides for materials to construct nest boxes so the local wildlife have somewhere to call home. It takes over 100 years for hollows to form and we are losing our older trees at an alarming rate. Many of our birds, possums and microbats need hollows, an alternative is a nest box.

We have a small population of Threatened Squirrel Gliders on the Coal Point peninsula and we know they are using the nest boxes. We know a variety of parrots, galahs and owls live locally and also need hollow-substitutes for homes.

Many locals request nest boxes for the local birds and possums and we endeavour to supply. The Toronto Men's Shed build the boxes.

The fund will also support our local wildlife carer with the costs of supplying food for birds in care. Our local carer specialises in birds of prey who have a healthy appetite for meaty morsels and other delicacies. These come at a cost. Our carer also provides support and advice on all our local injured wildlife.