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Chorus Executive, is about empowering possibilities; whether that is by growing a team, a business, an individual's career or the individual. But we don’t want to stop this at our doorstep. There are so many less fortunate people out there who need much simpler yet essential things. These are the women who don’t want to die in childbirth and the young girls who at 12, don’t want to be forced into marriage. The mothers who want it to be possible to feed their children, to put a roof over their head and drink clean water. These are the possibilities we want to empower.
As a proud supporter of The Hunger Project, Chorus Executive has committed to raising money to support their work in a rural community called Nchalo, in Malawi. Over the coming years The Hunger Project will deliver education and training programs to empower the 37,000 people in this community to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. We want to empower this possibility through our fundraising and celebrate with the Nchalo community in 2020 when they gain self-reliance.
This is a serious cause, that we care deeply about. Please support us and the community of Nchalo by giving what you can and help us make possible, for this community the things we all take for granted.