Cambodia Build a House Nov 2018

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The Benojo site closes the overall appeal site that VBCA used in 2018 and we will be opening a new link very soon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped VBCA help VBC have a record year with the number of house and toilet builds. Together we have achieved much in 2018 but as all of you who visited Cambodia during the year or have seen the photos of the "before house" the need to help is still very much there.

Thank you again and hopefully together we can continue to build better lives for the poorest Cambodian people!

Kieran Dignam
Volunteer Building Cambodia Australia

What we are asking for and why

Salesforce 1:1:1

As part of the Salesforce 1:1:1 model of donating 1% of our time (in volunteer hours), 1% of our revenue and 1% of our profit to not-for-profits, Salesforce gives all employees 56 hours to volunteer a year.

Who we are

A team of Salesforce employees from Sydney, Amsterdam and New York are all coming together to build a house for a week in Cambodia for a family in need. We will be spending a week in Cambodia building a house with our bare hands - some of us learning how to use tools for the first time!

We are building a house through the Volunteer Building Cambodia association, here is their story:

"Volunteer Building Cambodia is a locally run, community-driven NGO (non-government organisation), focussed on helping poor Cambodian families improve their living conditions.

Founded by local Khmer man, Sinn Meang in 2014, Volunteer Building Cambodia provides poor families in rural Siem Reap with housing, wells, water pumps and toilet facilities.

VBC builds solid houses for extremely poor families who lack the resources to build their own liveable homes. We do thorough assessments to ensure those most in need receive our houses.

About 80 per cent of Cambodians live in rural areas where a staggering 85 per cent of people do not have access to adequate sanitation and 35 per cent cannot afford to access safe water. Where possible we provide wells and toilets to improve living conditions.

Many families in rural Siem Reap still live on less than $1 a day.

We are looking at ways to break the poverty cycle and help these families to become self-sufficient and able to provide for themselves."

What the charity is asking for and why

What's the cost of a home? In rural areas of Cambodia's Siem Reap, that cost is just US$2,900 (around A$3,800). But the difference it can make to the life of a family living in poverty is immeasurable, as 15-year old 'P's' story relays.

A simple, sturdy Khmer-style wooden house provides shelter and security for Cambodian families living in need. Poor education, lack of skills and a shortage of job opportunities mean many rural Cambodians are still living in extreme poverty with inadequate shelter.

Volunteer Building Cambodia run volunteer programs which involve a week of building a house to replace the fragile structures that offer little protection from the elements. This not only provides a home for families living in poverty - improved living conditions change lives, through better sanitation, increased security, better sleeping arrangements and healthier living. Children in secure homes are less likely to get sick and more likely to attend school.

Your donation will directly help improve the living conditions of rural Cambodians:

  • US$2900 is all it costs to fund a house build, and the basic human right of a secure shelter for a family.

  • US$295 donation pays for a toilet, improving hygiene and sanitation and reducing health risks.

  • US$200 pays for a well, ensuring a family, or sometimes a number of families, have access to clean drinking water.

VBC gratefully accept smaller donations, which contribute to supplies for our community centre and the ongoing running costs of Volunteer Building Cambodia.

No matter how large or small, your generosity makes a difference.

VBC work with volunteers from around the globe to build safe, dry housing for rural Cambodian families. Volunteers work under the guidance of a skilled building team to construct a house in as little as one week.

Check out the video to see VBC in action.

Check out VBC's Benojo profile page to see other opportunities from VBC and how you can change a family's life.