Benojo Education - Panel Members - May 2019

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A message from the cause

Thank you all for your valuable contributions to our workshops in May. We apologise for the possible confusion this event has caused - we were trying to test a process where your volunteered time can be logged and a part of your Benojo profile. Problem is we were doing it retrospectively. It will be more seamless in future times. Thank you again for your work and impact.

What the charity is asking for and why

For almost three years Benojo has run a two-day training workshop "Acquiring & Building Effective Corporate Partnerships'. The workshop has been delivered to almost 400 charities and has become a benchmark program in helping non-profit and charitable organisations adopt and deliver best practice in approaching and managing relationships with corporate partners.
In the past we have had subject matter experts from some of the largest corporations in the country as well as small and medium size businesses who have varying degrees of maturity when it comes to their business and Social Responsibility. This mix is invaluable and highly engaging for students.
It is an opportunity to share your knowledge, network with charities and other CSR leaders and contribute to those who often never get the chance to have these types of interactions. It will also be an opportunity to be part of a highly energised and enjoyable session that commonly provokes many new ideas, ways of thinking and a motivation for people to take their learnings to a higher level.

What we need from you

We would like to invite you to participate in being a panel member for one of our workshops.
The workshop is separated into two distinct segments. On their first day students adopt an approach methodology and are then asked to take the model back to their workplace to produce a pitch and proposal to actual and potential partner.
On the second day they present back their proposal for critique, input, insights and recommendations for further development.
The method by which they receive feedback is both peer led and from subject matter experts like yourself. In groups of usually 4 they present their short pitches and supporting documentation and discussion then ensues around what was positive, what can be improved upon and what else could be included to add further value. The subject matter expert not only plays the role of a corporate panel member to provide feedback but also adopts a mentor role during the session.
This approach coupled with peer insight has proven to be extremely powerful in the past and helped lead to the establishment of some of Australia's most successful partnerships.
The time commitment would be around three hours. Thank you for considering giving us and the charity community your valuable time and expertise.