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The Yea Heights Estate project is a signature project for Habitat for Humanity Victoria, and it continues to provide a number of unique opportunities for our organisation, supporters and partner families.

To ensure that Habitat for Humanity Victoria can achieve its goal of providing the final five Yea homes to our Partner Families before Christmas 2020, we are desperately seeking the incredible support of donors to help make this pledge a reality.

Your support will not only help Habitat for Humanity Victoria build the final five houses in Yea, but it will also help us provide five stable homes for our Partner Families and a further five international homes through our Homes for Homes program.

A safe place to call Home

In 2019, we were thrilled to hand over the keys to our 65th Partner Family, Jema, Romel and their beautiful 18th month old daughter, Isla.

Jema and Romel were overjoyed and excited to begin their lives in Yea in a place where Isla can “just be a kid”.

In their previous inner-Melbourne environment all three were constantly exposed to drugs and violence in the elevators in their high-rise housing commission building or when walking down the corridors to their flat.

Frequent false fire alarms also left Jema fearful of what may happen to them on the 20th floor of the building, with alarms going off at least twice a month. The family had to evacuate the building on four occasions in the time they were there.

Both Jema and Romel are looking forward to raising Isla in Yea, as they believe it’s the perfect place for a “normal, healthy, productive life”.

“We’re excited about being able to call the homes ours and feel safe in our own environment. I’m most excited about setting up Isla’s nursery, choosing the colours of her feature wall that will look nice with her furniture,” said Jema.

Habitat for Humanity Victoria were also grateful to partner with Homes for Homes for the building of Jema and Romel’s home. Home for Homes generously supported the build, contributing $40,000, helping to tackle Australia’s biggest social issue of housing affordability.

Thanks to the generosity of Homes for Homes and our other generous supporters, Habitat for Humanity Victoria were able to hand the keys over to Jema and Romel, offering them a decent, safe and secure place to call home.

Your generosity means we can provide our Partner Families with the opportunity for safe, decent place to call home.