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Brendan and Lesma had only been married three months when Brendan was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Nearly a year after Brendan was diagnosed Lesma gave birth to twins, a girl and a boy. “Jacob and Abbey brought great joy at a time when there was much sadness. Brendan couldn’t spend enough time with the kids.” remembers Lesma.

Tragically Brendan died when his twins were just two and a half years old.

“That first Christmas, we went out to the cemetery. It was so hard. The kids had some balloons and wrote some notes. I wish they had more Christmases with him.”

With your support we can fund research that will take us a step closer to a cure for prostate cancer. Your kind gift will fund cutting-edge research that can change the outcome for thousands of men like Brendan.

Around Australia our best and brightest scientists are working tirelessly to develop a cure for prostate cancer. Every research breakthrough they make takes us a step closer to a cure, improves treatment options and quality of life for men living with prostate cancer.