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Every HUMAN deserves opportunity.
As a citizen of the world I have the KIND of power to help end world hunger and poverty.
My PROJECT is to raise $15,000 and play my part in ending world hunger.

The Human Kind Project has a big mission - to rally humans together and end world hunger by 2030. It’s a massive goal - but not an impossible one.

I have taken action and pledged to raise $15,000 to help build a future where everyone in the world has the opportunity not only to survive, but to thrive.

In March 2017, I will be travelling to Malawi on a Human Kind Project Leadership Immersion Trip to see the work of their delivery partner, The Hunger Project. I will view first hand the communities that are transforming their lives and transcending poverty.

Through micro-financing, empowerment and sustainable food production systems, The Hunger Project is seeing change.

In the last 25 years, the proportion of people living in hunger has nearly been cut in half – in our lifetime we can finish this…

People who live in hunger are not the problem – they are the solution. These people are not a billion mouths to feed; they are a billion human beings who are enterprising and resilient.

Our work with the Hunger Project, therefore, is to unlock their capacity, creativity and leadership so they can end their own hunger.
Our generation has the power to end world hunger once and for all.

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