Barnardos ICAP Charity Day Campaign

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What the charity is asking for and why

From the funds raised from the ICAP Charity Day 2014, Barnados will provide education and mentoring for 40 disadvantaged primary school students in 2015.

What we need from you

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What would additional donations do for Barnados?

Any additional donations will be directed to programs such that would:

  • Pay for a weekend camp for 6-10 children with disabilities.
    +Help fund a homework centre 2 afternoons a week for teenagers on a housing estate in Penrith. It is designed to keep teenagers in school and offer support with the personal issues and problems they are facing.
    +Fund two Trainee Aboriginal Early Childhood Educators to help run 4 playgroups in Western NSW for both parents and their children, for 1 year. Aimed at teaching parents how to interact with and care for their children. Will support 60 at risk Aboriginal children aged 0-5 and their parents.
    +Fund part time employment of a suitably experienced and acknowledged Aboriginal elder to provide culturally appropriate education and mentoring support to 40 local, highly disadvantaged Aboriginal primary school students. Vital component to ensure the children take pride in their culture and identity, giving them the confidence to succeed.