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On Friday the 13th of October 2017, will you stand with us against domestic violence?

Share the Dignity is committed to ensuring dignity for all women and children in Australia. Our dignity drives collect sanitary items for Women and Girls experiencing homelessness and have grown to include a number of initiatives aimed at continuing to give back to vulnerable individuals in society.

Understanding homelessness in Australia is the knowledge that on any given night over 105,000 people are homeless. 44% are Women and 27% are Children under the age of 18. The number one reason these Women and Children are homeless is due to Domestic Violence. *


Should you choose to accept it, is to stand from 9am to 5pm on Friday 13th October, 2017.
Whether you take part as an individual or a team. We challenge you to stand all day to work, play, teach, eat, drink or even catch up with friends.


You can nominate yourself as an individual, or register as a team of up to 4.
Would your workplace like to be involved? Register a work team and share the challenge with your colleagues.
Short, tall, old, young. Making a stand is something we can all do and we invite all Australians to join our cause.

To nominate yourself or a team, simply set up your profile. Then get your community, friends and colleagues to sponsor you in your challenge as YOU take part in Standing Up Against Domestic Violence.


As an individual, when you reach $250 in sponsorship or pledges, you will receive an #istandup shirt. All individuals in a team also need to meet this target to receive their reward.

All monies raised from the #istandup day help us to continue to provide support to Australian Women and Children via our initiatives, including;

  • Because We Care; tasked with assisting families to pay for the funerals of those killed by an act of domestic violence. In order to ease the financial burden on grieving families and allow them a little dignity at such a tragic time.
  • Dignity vending machines; custom designed and installed sanitary item vending machines, dispensing free sanitary items.
  • Activities 4 All; providing fully funded activities scholarships for children affected by domestic violence.

We rely on the hard work of our volunteers and supporters to ensure these programs can continue, in anticipation of your support for #ISTANDUP Day Thank you!

  • statistics courtesy of homelessnessaustralia.org.au*